Cherry Tree Class

Welcome back Cherry Tree Class!

I hope you have had a lovely summer! 

My name is Miss Di Paola and I am really excited to be teaching you this year. Also joining us in Cherry this year will be Mrs Fenner, Mrs Hughes, Miss Moss and Mrs Phillips.

Each half-term is dedicated to a new and exciting topic, based on children’s ideas and interests. Our focus this half-term is Ancient Civilisation and Ancient Egypt.

During this topic, we will be learning about the earliest civilisations in the world: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer, the Indus Valley and the Shang Dynasty. We will study these civilisations before looking at Ancient Egypt in detail, to discover how crucial factors like water sources and farming helped them to develop and thrive. We will find out about important inventions and the growth of cities. We will also study the lives of different people in society, including the roles of kings and pharaohs. We will reflect on our learning by identifying the similarities and differences between other ancient civilisations. We will also consider whether or not these civilisations left a lasting legacy.

Have a look at the curriculum and homework grids, which are linked below, for a more detailed snapshot of what we will be learning.

Key information


PE will be taught on a Tuesday afternoon, which is led by Prestige Sport. Children will need to arrive at school wearing their PE kits, ensuring long hair is tied back and that all jewellery is removed.


In Cherry, we have high expectations for reading at home.

Reading is extremely important for pupils as it helps them to improve academically in all aspects of the curriculum. Please ensure that your child has an adult signature to show when they have read at home – even if you have overheard them reading to a sibling, pet or toy! The whole school expectation for reading at home is three or more times a week. By doing this, pupils will be recognised, and in with a chance to become Reader of the Week.


At the beginning of the week, spelling lists will be stapled into the pupils’ reading records and these will need to be practised at home ready for a spelling test on the Monday after receiving them.

To also help with practising at home, spelling booklets will be sent home at the start of each half-term.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask or contact me.

Miss Di Paola

‘To Be The Best You Can Be’

At St Andrew’s we encourage children to develop determination, resilience and courage to try their best. We celebrate successes across all areas of the curriculum and aspire to find everyone’s strengths.