Religious Education (RE)

‘To Be The Best You Can Be’

Religious Education at St Andrew’s

Through Religious education, we aim to develop children’s depth of thinking so that they can relate to a range of world faiths, the impact faith has on lives of believers, and how those believers show their faith in their daily lives.

How it is taught

At St. Andrew’s, our main focus is the Christian faith, looking at the Creation Story from different perspectives, the Incarnation and the life of Jesus and the meaning of Salvation. The Islamic and Jewish faiths are also looked at in detail, as well as other faiths and world-views including Humanism. Our pupils learn how an individual’s beliefs affect the way they live their lives, act as members of a community and respond to world issues.

Our Curriculum follows three strands: Theology, Philosophy and Social Sciences, and our pupils learn about important events, festivals and people of faith through stories, research and personal conversations.