Our School Dog

Meet Bean, our wonderful school dog, she is a female whippet born on the 18th August 2022 and joined at 8 weeks old. Bean has always enjoyed coming to school and is very sociable. She loves to have a chat with everyone. She enjoys being stroked and finding out what’s been going on in class.

Mrs Flin is lucky enough to be Bean’s owner and is responsible for ‘all things Bean’. However, there are a team of adults within the school who will take her for a lunch time stroll when she isn’t on playground duty. She has a very comfy bed in Mrs Flin’s office with her much loved squashed squirrel toy, and most playtimes she can be found playing tennis ball with the children on the field (her favourite game).

Bean has quite a few very important jobs within the school and her day always starts in breakfast club where she meets and greets everyone. She also looks after children who might be feeling a bit sad, helps children who may be reluctant to come into school, helps to resolve friendship issues by encouraging children to talk, celebrates good work and helps to restore calm within school.

The staff and children thoroughly enjoy Bean’s company, and we believe she lifts our mood and supports everyone’s wellbeing.

Respect – Kindness – Hope – Determination

Bean encourages respect as children learn to treat her gently. She can teach children that dogs can be respectful in return.

Bean supports kind and thoughtful behaviours.

Bean promotes positivity and resilience within our value of hope.

Bean is determined to help people if they are needing support. She doesn’t give up on trying to get a smile with her wagging tail and big brown eyes.

The Bean Award

This is awarded to children who have been recognised for being exceptional members in our school linking back to our values. Nominations for this award are done so by any child or adult within the school and the award is announced every Friday.