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What's going on in Oak Class?

Welcome back to Oak Class!

This term we look forward to a great topic in 'The Shang Dynasty'. During this term, Oak Class will study this fascinating topic and learn all about the Ancient Sumer civilisation in the context of world history and compare it to Britain at the time of its existence. They will learn about life in Ancient Sumer, how the people lived, what they did, how they worshipped and what they have left behind for us to discover.  

As well as all of the above, Oak will be learning about the rise and fall of the Sumerian civilisation and the invasion by the Akkadians; reading the legend of Sargon the Great; understanding the revival and then further decline of Sumerian civilisation, including the invasion by the Elamites.

As well as studying this topic, Oak Class will also be becoming 'Space Investigators' in Science, looking at flashback stories in Literacy and doing a wide ranghe of sports in PE!

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Curriculum Map Autumn 1
Homework Autumn 1

Oak Class Notices

PE will be on Tuesday Morning’s and Thursday Afternoons.

Please ensure that your child has his/her PE kit in everyday so that they can attend the vast variety of clubs we have on offer.

Spellings: Each Friday your child will be sent home with a list of spellings to learn ready for a test on the following Monday.

These will consist of the spelling pattern learnt in that week and a selection from the Year 5/6 spelling list. Please find time to encourage and help your child with these.

Maths and Times Tables: Maths homework will be set weekly, based on the area that has been focused on during the week to consolidate their learning. It is also important to continue practicing their times tables.

The National expectation for children in Year 5 and 6 is to know the  12 x tables fluently (including the inverse operations) and for SATs this year they are introducing a new ‘Times Tables Test’. It would be fantastic if you could aid your child in reaching this goal.

Topic Homework is attached for the children to complete over the week. More information can be found on the website or on the attached sheet.

Reading is such an important part of a child’s education.  If your child cannot read fluently, they will struggle in later life. Therefore part of their continued homework is daily reading for a minimum of ten minutes per night. We have introduced a reward system for reading this year for those who have read at home.

If your child is reading fluently to themselves, please encourage them to write their own QUALITY comment.  This may include, a prediction, writing definitions to unknown words, making a list of “magpie” words, what their favourite part is of a book and why they enjoyed/didn’t enjoy a book.

The children do have a good selection of books to read from the class, and they will have the opportunity to choose a book from the school library and change it regularly, but if your child would like to bring it a book from home, they are welcome to do so.  Could I ask that no magazines/annuals etc. are brought in to read at school (although they are fine for reading material at home).

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