A BIG thank you to everyone who supported Children In Need and helped to raise £159.61. This is a fantasic amount of money for a small school to collect.

Many thanks also to FOStA who ran a busy tea and cake afternoon in school and then a cake sale in the pavillion. An exciting day of spots!


Spotacular Tea Coffee & Cake

16th November @ 2pm in the school hall - FOStA welcome all friends, family and parents to chat, drink tea and eat cake.

The PTA/Friends of St Andrew's

PTA RELAUNCH & WELCOME MEETING. Thursday 8th November at 2pm.

St Andrew's PTA is a very friendly group of people who want to support our school. They have a fantastic reputation for holding many fun and exciting events at school which raises an enormous amount of money for our children. 

Everyone is welcome to come on the 8th at 2pm to meet the PTA. New members are always welcome even if you feel that you can only offer a small amount of time.

Our New School Prayer

Dear Lord,


Thank you for the wonderful world that you created.

Help us not to give up on our dreams.

Bless my day and our school,



Whole School Prayer Competition

The School Council chose the winning prayers yesterday. There were some thoughtful and well written prayers and The School Council found choosing one winning prayer a very difficult decision!

In the end five prayers were chosen and the best sentences from those prayers were put together to create the whole school prayer.

Well done to Amelia, Bobbie, Bella, Kian, Alfie, Amelia, Connor and Jasmine from Apple Tree. Well done to Poppy,  Paige, Jack, and Samuel from Mulberry Tree. Well done to Gracie and Mia from Oak Tree.  The winning five prayers were written by Bobbie, Mia, Kian, Paige and Jasmine. They enjoyed their tasty prizes. 

Great Yeldham primary school, Essex