Rugby Report by Jonathan Hart

On Thursday the 30th of January at Hedingham, we participated in a rugby tournament.  After a quick warm up, our first game swiftly approached and the bell rang, we were off.  We started brightly and Jason scored a try. Soon after, we scored another try! However St.Peters responded with one of their own.  Result 4-1 to Yeldham.    It wasn’t long before our next game where we took on Ridgewell.  Continuing on our winning stride we beat them 5-1.  They put on pressure to begin with, however we responded by scoring 4 without them scoring 1 and before the games end we struck again.  Moving on to Bulmer who we hammered 6-1 with an easy victory. We then played Steeple, who like us, hadn’t lost a game and well we lost 4-1, but I’d rather not discuss it.  Now we faced our rivals of this year, Gosfield.  It was the closest game of the tournament, knowing if we won this we would be in the final. The game ended in a 3-3 draw.


There we were standing in anticipation of who had got into the final us or Gosfield. When they said the words “Yeldham,” we screamed with joy.  We won by 2 tries and victory filled our minds.  However, we had to play Steeple.  We knew it was going to be a difficult match, but we were up for the challenge.  The whistle blew and we were off, they scored first and sadly another soon after.  However we struck back making it 2-1. The score was 4-1 when Jonathan scored a try but unfortunately they scored again, leaving the final score in defeat! All of us [even though we came runners up to a bigger school] were very proud of our efforts!

Headteacher Drop In Session

Each week we will be running a Headteacher Drop In session at a different time and on a different day. The aim of these sessions is that parents can come along to the school and meet with Mrs Prior to discuss any issues. There will be no need to make an appointment, simply come to the school office and explain you are here for the drop in. 

We will begin next week on Tuesday 4th February 9-10am. 


Please can we remind all parents not to block the driveways of local residents when dropping off and collecting children from school. It is very frustrating if they cannot leave or enter their property because a driveway is blocked. Thank you for your care and consideration in this matter. 

Private Tutors

We have recently added a safeguarding leaflet regarding the use of private tutors and coaches to the parents section of our website. Please take a look if it could be useful to you.

Relief Midday Assistant

We are looking for a relief midday assistant to cover any sickness absence of current middays. Please speak to Mrs Lambert in the office if you are interested.

Great Yeldham primary school, Essex