Mixed Football Tournament Level 1

We have two reports from the Mixed Football Tournament for the Level 1 competition that took place at Hedingham School. 

Year 5/6 Football Tournament Report Team A

When we arrived at Hedingham to compete we glanced at the other teams and instantly panicked as they looked good and very strong. Stronger than us. After a 10-minute settle we were met with a 1-hour training session with the new Hedingham Sport Leaders. There were three pitches, 20 minutes of training for each pitch. Then at 2:15 we began the tournament for 1st place.

Our first match was versus Stanley Drapkin, who had at least 200 pupils in their huge school. We then took our positions, Lewis Wilson as substitute for the first half. Halfway through the first half it was all even and no one could grab the first goal until Ezra Roper had a shot which squeezed itself into the bottom left corner. After a few minutes it was half time the scoreline being 1-0 to us. In the second half Lewis Wilson came on to replace Harry Honeywood, who was playing exceptionally well. We started with a hint of happiness as we were currently in the lead. Then out of nowhere Josh Stanley did a fantastic cross resulting with an easy header for Ezra Roper. Later that half Lewis Wilson provided an excellent ball for Toby Lewis who slotted it calmly into the back of the net. In the end we managed to grab a 3-0 victory!

In the next match we were fired up and ready to rumble as we advanced to our next opponents. St Peters. Roman Young started off as substitute this whole game. We knew we were met with a challenge and we were right as at half time it was goalless and still 0-0. After we had a little chat with Mrs Smith, Mrs Young, Mrs Prior and Mr Felton. They each gave us some advice and we took that on board as in the second half Toby Lewis got a brilliant goal which passed through the keepers legs to make the score line 1-0. There was 30 seconds left and suddenly St Peters had a shot from a kick-on which soared into the top corner. Then the final whistle blew as we were left gobsmacked as you weren’t allowed to score from kick-ons. Then our teachers complained to the leader who agreed and changed the score line to 1-0 to us. In the final game, we got ready and knew if we won we would win the trophy and advance to level 2. We were playing against De Vere and placing Lewis Wilson on the sub bench. Then we started the first half and Josh Stanley had an awesome shot which left De Vere gutted. In the second half Harry Honeywood came off and Lewis Wilson came on. Then Ezra Roper had a shot but the keeper parried it and Josh Stanley scored a volley. Then the match ended and we knew we had won the tournament with three wins. Then we received a trophy and cheered as we passed it around.

 Ezra R & Toby L


When we got to Hedingham School we had 1 hours worth of football training with: shooting, dribbling and passing. We played our first match against Bulmer where we lost 2-0. Next we played Colne-Engaine where it was a goalless 0-0. Afterwards we had our stop bang in the middle, and we watched TEAM A win 1-0 against St.Peters in the cup matches!

Our 3rd match was against Belchamp where we lost 4-0. Finally, we scored a win by absolutely walloping De-Vere 6-0 with a penalty in and another with the ref saying “no goal” even though it was in, and Cohen scoring 5 goals! Well done Cohen! In the end TEAM B came 4th out of 5 and TEAM A won!!! Well done TEAM A!

 Jack B & Poppy C

What do the children do in PE?

If you are wondering what the children get up to in PE lessons and sports clubs take a look at the 'Autumn Term 2014 Sports Provision' document on the parents page!

Girls Football September 2014

Well done to the girls football team who will be heading through to the Level 2 competition in October!

Headteacher Cup 19th September

Well done to the Headteacher Cup winners!

Mulberry Tree - Tyler for showing compassion to others at Forest School

Apple Tree - Bella for listening carefully to how to improve her wiring and making good progress so far!

Cherry Tree - Olivia for enthusiasm across all areas of the curriculum!

Horse Chestnut Tree - Roman for a mature and enthusiastic attitude towards learning!

Oak Tree - Louis for For a fantastic start to the year - focused and enthusiastic everyday!

Headteacher Cup 12th September

Well done to the first Headteacher Cup winners of the year!
Mulberry Tree - The whole class for settling into school with confidence and enthusiasm, 
Apple Tree - Gracie for listening to instructions and completing her work to the best of her ability!
Cherry Tree - The whole class for a super first full week and being so welcoming to Mr Clifton.
Horse Chestnut Tree - Amber for settling in well and having a positive attitude to learning. 
Oak Tree - Ryan for confidence and enthusiasm during his first full week at school!

Great Yeldham primary school, Essex