The Rugby World Cup Coin Collection

FOSTA are launching a fantastic competition starting on Friday. The rugby world cup begins and to mark this, children are being asked to bring in any coins from home over the next two weeks. The coins will then be laid out on the playground into the shape of a rugby ball- the class who can make the largest rugby ball will win a prize, and the class who collects the most money in value will also win a prize.

So bring in all your old loose change please!

National Teaching Assistant's Appreciation Day

We appreciated all of our Teachiing Assistants on Monday- we call them Learning Support Assistants- and we tried very hard to ensure they knew how much we appreciated their hard work. The children wrote messages on post-its saying thank you. We ensured that there was plenty of cake and biscuits in the staffroom for them to enjoy during their extended break- I must add they didn't take much of an extension because they were all so keen to get back to class!

Lovely To See You All

It has been wonderful to have all the children back in school today. The school has felt alive again and filled with noise and laughter. We warmly welcome Olivia into Horse Chestnut Tree Class and Connor into Oak Tree Class. They seemed to have settled into school already and made lots of friends.

The teachers have been working hard over the summer to create interesting curriculums and inviting classrooms. It was lovely to walk around the school today and see so many children working hard in their new year groups.

I feel excited for the year ahead.

Leavers Assembly & Balloon Release

Please join us in St Andrew's Church for our Leavers service on Wednesday 24th July at 10.00am , and again at 2.30pm for the Balloon release on the school field.

Lucas Lodge

Our new classroom finally has a name. The School Council has been running a competition across the whole school to ask the children what they think would be a good name. Most names stayed along the tree theme and we had some brilliant suggestions: Silver Birch Lodge, Hazelnut Tree, Walnut Tree, Holly Tree, Banana Tree and Sycamore to name but a few. However, we had one suggestion that counted up to be the most popular and that is Lucas Lodge in memory of Jane Lucas who worked at this school for at least 28 years.

Most suggestions for this name came from Oak Tree Class, so that class will have an extra playtime as a prize. The School Council are now in the process of organising an opening ceremony!

Great Yeldham primary school, Essex