‘To Be The Best You Can Be’

Reading at St Andrew’s

Our intent is to ensure that all children reach their full potential across the curriculum, we take a consistent and rigorous approach to the teaching of reading, starting with a phonics scheme beginning in the early years. We want all children to consider themselves a reader and be able to independently explore genres and texts. We want our children to read widely and often and take part in discussions about their favourite texts. Throughout their school careers, we want to provide children with exciting reading experiences to encourage a love of reading. When children reach Key Stage 2, we want them to be able to read fluently and confidently whilst being able to consider what they have learnt from the text.

How we learn

In Reception and Key Stage One, children receive a daily 30 minute session in the morning where they learn a new sound each day. They then complete a short ‘Phonics in 15’ session in the afternoon that allows children to embed that day’s learning. While completing the Twinkl Phonics program, children read books which are matched to their phonics knowledge. This allows them to apply their segmenting and blending skills and build fluency in their reading style as they read and re-read texts suited to their reading ability.

All children take part in daily reading lessons in which they will be taught reading skills and given the opportunity to practice these. Children will read regularly with an adult in school either independently or as part of a group.