About St Andrews Primary School, Great Yeldham

To Be the Best We Can Be

We are a small, village school at the heart of our local community in Great Yeldham. Our aspiration is for all pupils to be the best that they can be. The school is underpinned by a strong Christian ethos, which in turn is guided by our core values of confidence, compassion, community, creativity, enthusiasm and determination. We have strong links with St Andrews Church, and offer a daily act of Collective Worship.

‘St Andrew’s is an effective church school. It is a place where clear values are evident not only in the environment but in the way that people respond to each other. It is a place where the children feel well cared for and safe. The new head teacher has developed strong links with the local church and community which enhances the distinctiveness of the school as a place of spiritual development.’

Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools, 2013

We offer teaching of a high quality that ensures all pupils make progress. Teachers offer imaginative lessons and maintain high expectations. We work carefully to ensure we balance ambitious academic expectations with the development of well-rounded children, with clear values. We are very proud of the pupils’ positive attitudes to learning and high standards of behaviour.

‘Teaching is good, and support for individual pupils is very well targeted so that pupils of all ages and all abilities make accelerated progress, particularly in their reading, writing and mathematics. Pupils behave very well, enjoy school and have positive attitudes to learning. They are particularly polite and considerate towards one another.’

Ofsted Report, 2013

The Governors, staff and parents work together to move the school forward. They remain focussed on being the best they can be, and ensuring all pupils excel during their time at the school.

‘The headteacher balances well the need for challenge and support, and manages the school with remarkable calmness and assurance. Staff understand that they each have a role to play in driving the school’s improvement and know that their ideas and efforts are valued. There is a strong focus on raising achievement, and every opportunity is encouraged to develop pupils’ wider enrichment.’

Ofsted Report, 2013

We are very proud of our school, the pupils within it and all that they achieve. We welcome visits to the school and hope that this website allows you a snapshot of life at St Andrew’s CEVC Primary School.

Emma Flin,

Staff Responsibility
Mrs Emma Flin Headteacher
Mr Toby Power Deputy Headteacher & Class teacher – Year 5/6
Miss Lauren Guest Class Teacher - Year 4 & 5
Ms Gabriela Hodge
Mrs Victoria Anselmi
Class teacher – Year 2, 3 & 4
Mrs Shirley Keeble-Fox Class Teacher - Year 1 & 2
Miss Sarah Houghton Class Teacher - Year 1 & Rec
Miss Mary Veater SENCo
Mrs Nicole Smith Sports Instructor and Health & Wellbeing Ambassador
Mrs Nancy Lewis Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Vanessa Pilcher Learning Support Assistant (LSA)
Ms Joanne Dearden Learning Support Assistant (LSA)
Mrs Donna McConnell LSA
Mrs Diana Easey LSA
Mrs Jo Young LSA, Family Support & Emotional First Aider
Ms Stephanie Collins LSA
Mrs Karen Fenner LSA & Emotional First Aider
Mrs February Parsons LSA
Ms Sarah Patmore After School Club Co-ordinator
Ms Sophie Kim Relief LSA
Mrs Gemma Singleton School Business Manager
Mrs Kealy Saunders Administration Assistant
Keith Rulten Caretaker
Sue Ball Cleaner
Mrs Marie Rudgewick Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Toni Loe Midday Assistant
Mrs Sarah Lowe Midday Assistant
Mrs Cheryl Daniels Midday Assistant